Immigration Consultant that speaks French

We are immigration consultants and immigration agents that speak French.


If you are looking for an Immigration Consultant that speaks French, we can help with that. We are an Immigration Agency that speaks French, fully staffed with immigration consultants that hold the ICCRC accreditation and speak many different languages.


If you let us know at the outset, that you are looking for an French speaking immigration agent or an French speaking immigration consultant, we will make the arrangements for someone that speaks French to connect with you right away.


We are able to speak with you in French, and correspond via email in French.


Here at the Immigration Pros, we appreciate that an applicant may spend quite some time corresponding with us, via email and the phone. The process can often move ahead much quicker, when the applicant has the opportunity to communicate with us, in their first language.


If you are more comfortable speaking French, then we will speak French. If you are more comfortable emailing us in French, we will respond in French.  


The Immigration Pros can help with all of your immigration needs. We are here to help you.


We would love the opportunity to help you.