LMIA Process

It is important to get help with the LMIA Process. The LMIA process is one that is always a time sensitive one. To go through the process on your own, can be frustrating and time consuming. We are LMIA consultants and agents to help you with that process. LMIA was formerly called LMO (Labour Market Opinion).

With proper help and guidance from a certified consultant, the likelihood of approval is greatly increased. The risk of navigating the LMIA application without professional assistance, is that the LMIA process may take much longer, and the probability of approval is much lower.

We are fully staffed with LMIA consultants that speak many languages for your convenience. We are an LMIA agency that understands the local, current policies and legislations related to all aspects of the LMIA process.

The  Immigration Pros offer a free LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) assessment. We have assisted thousands of businesses, employers and contractors with the LMIA process in Canada. Don’t risk an LMIA denial, reach out to us to help.

All of our LMIA agents have wealth of knowledge and experience and fully certified with the ICCRC accreditation.

We are an LMIA agency that is fully staffed with LMIA consultants that  speak many different languages for your  convenience.

We strongly believe that the success of an LMIA application, correlates with taking the necessary time when filling out all of the appropriate paperwork, by a certified LMIA consultant or LMIA agent. Our fully qualified LMIA agents take the time to go over the LMIA process with you and ensure that it is completed in a manner that ensures the very highest success rate.

Each LMIA application is unique. When you engage the Immigration Pros to help you, you work with a team of ambitious, certified LMIA consultants and LMIA agents, that have a proven track record of success.

We would love the opportunity to assist you with your application. Call us for a free assessment or quote.

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