Immigration Consulting Service: by telephone or Online

We understand that sometimes you do not need full representation services by an immigration professional, but just need a specific question answered or to be pointed in the right direction about your visa application to Canada. You may need information on how to appeal a negative decision received or when to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa such as a student visa, work permit or tourist visa. There are times when the information you have is not enough and you need the opinion of a professional in the field. We are here to help.



You can talk with one of our immigration professionals over the telephone. We offer this service in English and Spanish.  

Our rate is
99 CAD  for up to  20 minutes


Please Call Us to book a Phone Consultation



If you require for one of our professionals to look at your document or you want your question answered in writing, we also offer a new and reliable service to address your SPECIFIC QUESTION or CASE. 

After you have pre-paid our online consultation fee with your preferred credit card, we will ask you to send us your question and any relevant document by email.

A certified Immigration Consultant will read through the information and if necessary will email you for clarification.

Once everything is clear, one of our immigration professionals will reply with his comments and advice.

Finally, once you have the information, you can ask for clarification on the specific subject through email or you can schedule a phone call (5-minutes limit) with the Immigration Consultant on the specific subject asked originally. 

Please note that the objective of this service is to provide a professional opinion that guides you in making a decision, or answers a doubt about your particular case. If your case is too complex and requires further clarification, or demands more time, we will email you an estimate of the cost that will have to be paid before we address your case. At that time you will have the opportunity to pay the proposed fee or be reimbursed for the initial payment. 

Our rate for this service is 250 CAD 

The following two services are also offered at the same fee; Status of applications (CAIPS) and  Drafting of Invitation Letters


Please Call Us to book a Consultation
Immigration & Service Canada have taken measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Immigration Experts we are totally aware of these changes. We are very experienced in providing 100% online services for Canada and abroad.     Call us for FREE