What is the CRS?


The Comprehensive Ranking System is a points based-system used by the government to assess and score candidate’s profile.

Candidates are ranked in the Express Entry Pool and the highest scores have the possibility to get an ITA to immigrate as a permanent resident. According to the IRCC , the total number of points that can be assigned under the CRS is 1.200 points and it has four divisions. First, the core human capital factors with a maximum of 500 points, if the candidate has no spouse or common-law partner and 460 points, if the candidate has an accompanying spouse or common-law partner. Second, for skill transferability factors, candidates can get up to 100 points. Third, for accompanying spouse or common-law partner factors a maximum of 40 points and finally for additional factors, candidates can get up to 600 points. Candidates must know that they can increase their points in the CRS in order to get a higher score. There are several options to do that and Immigration Pros tells you how to do it.

While it is important to understand the process of Express Entry in Canada, we appreciate that it may be overwhelming and confusing to navigate this process without the help of a certified immigration consultant. The Immigration Pros can help you with the entire Express Entry process.

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