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An LMIA application is something that we can help you with. We provide a free assessment.

The LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application was previously referred to as the LMO (Labour Market Opinion).

Completing and submitting the LMIA application involves having a deep knowledge of the LMIA application rules and exceptions. It is important to engage an Immigration Consultant that has years of experience with a high success rate. The LMIA application is subjective, and  Immigration Pros understand and interpret the laws and regulations with a great understanding of the foreign worker application requirements.

Applying for LMIA reports is one of our core competencies. LMIA applications are what we have been doing successfully for years in Canada.

When choosing an agency or consultant to submit an LMIA application on your behalf, choose one with a proven track record of success, choose one that focuses on LMIA applications as a business discipline.

Did you know that not every employer will require an LMIA application?

There are constant changes to recruitment policies related to the LMIA application. Our job is to keep up to date and current with the LMIA application requirements and updates, related to LMIA applications.

The LMIA application process can be an intimidating one, for anyone who is not qualified to complete the application. Choosing the wrong LMIA application consultant or agency can result in your LMIA application request delayed, or denied. LMIA applications are time-sensitive. A delayed or denied application can cost an employer or contractor hundreds or thousands of dollars. The cost of processing an LMIA application on your own or with an agency that doesn’t focus on Labour Market Impact Assessment applications can actually be more costly due to delays or a denial.

Whether you are considering bringing in a foreign worker, or the foreign worker is currently in Canada, we can help. When considering the cost of an LMIA application, dollar for dollar the Immigration Pros is one of the most economical LMIA agencies in Canada. Our LMIA fees are competitive and reasonable. When you engage with Immigration Pros, you hire a company that has years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge with the LMO/ LMIA application process.

We are a Labour Market Impact Assessment agency that has demonstrated a track record of LMIA application approvals. Immigration Pros have helped thousands of businesses, employers and contractors with LMIA applications in Canada. When the cost of LMIA is a concern, reach out to us, don’t risk an LMIA application denial.


We are fully staffed with LMIA consultants and agents that speak many languages. We understand the local, current policies and legislations related to all aspects of the LMIA process. We are a team of LMIA ICCRC accredited certified agents with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Please reach out to us, we would love the opportunity to assist you with your LMIA application. Call us to discuss your LMIA application, or for a free assessment or quote.

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